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Jason Bakery’s “go somewhere else” opening hours

Jason Bakery's opening hours - go somewhere else
No really, they aren't open on Sundays or public holidays. Which is a real shame for those of us who don't work in the city. Totally understandable though Jason... you and your staff also need a break.

Never hide

Never hide
I spotted this advert from the corner of my eye and immediately did a double-take. For a moment it looked like Cape Town had overnight become extra-liberal and allowed posting topless woman on billboards. Alas, it's not the case. Haha. :)

Mitchell’s, a Scottish ale house

Mitchell's, a Scottish ale house
Mitchell's is one of the long-standing tenants of the V&A Waterfront. In fact, it's been there so long that I can't remember it not being there!

Mitchelle's Brewery started in the east-coast seaside town of Knysna in 1983, and in subsequent years opened outlets (like Mitchell's Waterfront Brewery) in Cape Town, Gauteng, and along the Garden Route.

If you're a beer-lover, you should certainly consider stopping in here for lunch and a couple of drinks.