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Jason Bakery’s “go somewhere else” opening hours

Jason Bakery's opening hours - go somewhere else
No really, they aren't open on Sundays or public holidays. Which is a real shame for those of us who don't work in the city. Totally understandable though Jason... you and your staff also need a break.

Jason Bakery – they love real breal

Jason Bakery - they love real breal
I've been meaning to visit Jason Bakery for a while now. Eventually the day came, so here's a quick no-frills review:

There isn't a lot of seating, but the bar chairs and tables attached to the outside pillars are actually reasonably comfortable. It was actually genius of them to small half-round tables to the pillars! The croissants are tasty, but the croissant-and-egg breakfast isn't much to write home about (and I was left feeling hungry). Their coffee isn't as good as Origin's, but it's not bad at all (I have a penchant for Origin's flat whites). The staff are friendly and efficient. I'd visit Jason Bakery again, and advise you to do so also! :)

Olympia Bakery in Kalk Bay

Olympia Bakery in Kalk Bay
This old red door, located on the side of the large Olympia Bakery building (off Main Road in Kalk Bay) is the entrance to the bakery's take-away section where patrons buy breads, danishes, croissants, and many more delectable baked yummies.

The side of the building that faces Main Road has large glass windows that allow the morning brightness to flood the restaurant. I'd hoped we could have a bite to eat at the bakery's restaurant, but it seems as though it's popular enough that one would have to book in advance to get a seat. So alas, we moved on to an alternative restaurant that was ok, but not quite as awesome as I think Olympia would have been.

We'll have to make a plan to return - perhaps for breakfast and then hop over the road for lunch at Kalky's! :)