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Jason Bakery – they love real breal

Jason Bakery - they love real breal
I've been meaning to visit Jason Bakery for a while now. Eventually the day came, so here's a quick no-frills review:

There isn't a lot of seating, but the bar chairs and tables attached to the outside pillars are actually reasonably comfortable. It was actually genius of them to small half-round tables to the pillars! The croissants are tasty, but the croissant-and-egg breakfast isn't much to write home about (and I was left feeling hungry). Their coffee isn't as good as Origin's, but it's not bad at all (I have a penchant for Origin's flat whites). The staff are friendly and efficient. I'd visit Jason Bakery again, and advise you to do so also! :)

A favourite breakfast spot

A favourite breakfast spot
I can't really explain why, but Beleza's one of my two favourite breakfast spots in Cape Town. And, if you know me you'd possibly know the other is Cafe Caprice; again for a somewhat difficult to describe reason.

But, try them both, early, on a good-weather day - you'll probably enjoy them. :)

The breakfast assembly line

The breakfast assembly line
These guys were assembling a strange pancake-bacon-type breakfast. They had one of the longest queues at the Neighbourgoods Market's breakfast section, so I assume it must have been pretty good. :) Check that post about the market out over here.

Late breakfast at Tokara

Late breakfast at Tokara
After waking up a little late we hunted the web for a place that served breakfast until a reasonable time - which would be noon. :)

We'd often heard of Tokara, the wine and olive farm, but never visited - so we "whooped" and patted ourselves on the back when we discovered that they served breakfast until 12pm!

We rushed off to Stellenbosch, and ascended the Helshoogte mountain pass, arriving at Tokara at 11h40, just in time to order breakfast.

It's a beautiful place, and I'll post a few more photos, but in the meantime let me say that you really want to visit the delicatessen (where this photo was taken). The (huge) croissant, bacon, and eggs combination was both delicious and well priced - and their coffee, well let's say that they sure know how to make coffee.

Breakfast near Durbanville

Breakfast near Durbanville
Besides for Chocolat in Oxford Street, I'm not very sold on breakfast spots in and around Durbanville. Well, that's if one excludes the many wine farms in the area... and then still I find their restaurants pretty much hit-and-miss in terms of quality, service, and appeal.

Kerry-Anne recently discovered a little restaurant, La Feta Vij Eatery, in the High Street Shopping Village, so we decided to pay them a visit for a quick breakfast. While not the most scenic of spots, the restaurant's decor was beautiful, the staff were lovely, and the quiet french music playing in the background had the relaxing effect the proprietors intended to create.

They had several delicious-sounding items on the breakfast menu, and after some deliberation I decided on the french toast - I'm a sucker for bacon and green figs. While the bacon wasn't crispy (as the menu suggested it would be) there was plenty of it and the combination of syrup, bacon, and figs on the egg-infused ciabatta was truly exquisite.

Pay La Feta Vij Eatery (map) in the High Street Shopping Village a visit - I'm convinced you'll be glad you did.

Breakfast in Cape Town

Breakfast in Cape Town
Given the number of times I've written something about Beleza, you'd swear they're paying me. Alas no, not even a discounted cup of coffee. :) For some reason I've grown to really like this restaurant as a breakfast venue. It's something about the atmosphere, I think.

Breakfast in Kalk Bay

Harbour Pier
When you look back from the end of Kalk Bay's harbour pier you stare straight towards, what could be, one of the most popular breakfast spots in the little town - Live Bait.

I wouldn't say that it's so popular because it's food is significantly better than their competitor's - I'd be more inclined to say that it's because they're perfectly located with a killer morning view of the sun rising over False Bay. Live Bait is certainly a place to visit for breakfast on a clear good-weather day. If you'd like to visit a slightly more posh restaurant, visit Polana (it's sister restaurant with even better views), positioned conveniently above.

Breakfast buffet at the Table Bay Hotel

Buffet breakfast

Through an arrangement of circumstance Kerry-Anne and I were invited to visit Sun International's Table Bay Hotel (the one next to the V&A Waterfront mall), to enjoy their buffet breakfast before setting out to the other side of Table Bay Harbour to take a few photos of Cunard's awesomely HUGE and beautiful Queen Mary 2. (I'll post a few photos of her docked in the harbour soon.)

I had previously visited the The Atlantic restaurant at the Table Bay Hotel for a phenomenal lunch, so I was more than looking forward to what I anticipated would be an absolute feast. It would take me hours and many words to describe all the yummy dishes that we tasted, so I'm afraid that you'll just have to visit for yourself! :)

Just to give you an overview, let me list a selection of the 230 dishes that comprised the buffet, starting with a plethora of fruit dishes, regular cereals, yummy muesli, yoghurt and nuts; cold meats, salmon, tuna, olives and other savoury treats; cheese, bread, and pastries (including the most delectable custard-filled pastries you could ever imagine); dainty pieces of sushi and nigiri, with a bowl of fresh oysters; scrambled egg, and the most awesome poached eggs and ham; crispy and not-crispy bacon; chicken, beef and pork sausages; mushrooms, French toast and other warm dishes; a small selection of Indian curry dishes; and finally, the daily carvery (usually gammon or crispy duck). What a mouthful! ;)

Breakfast at Café Caprice

Breakfast at Caprice

In my previous post I spoke about the transformation that Café Caprice (map) undergoes as night time approaches. While it's one of the very popular beach cafés and night-time socialising spots, it's also well known for its breakfast vibe and menu.

We've only visited Caprice for breakfast twice, but on both occasions it was relaxed, not too busy, and the food was just great. My first breakfast at Caprice was the Madame Caprice, which is made up of two slices of French toast, buttered with mustard, filled with bacon and cheese, and topped with a fried egg. This time I decided to have the vanilla- and cinnamon-flavoured French toast, accompanied by strawberries, bacon, and a dash of syrup on the side. Awesome stuff I tell you!

If you're going to visit Caprice for breakfast then be sure to get there early (like as in 8am) as the relaxed atmosphere shouldn't be missed, and I think that it gets a fair bit busier later in the morning. :)

Breakfast at Café Caprice

Cafe Caprice

Ever since James Small, a past Springbok rugby player, opened Café Caprice (on Victoria Road in Camps Bay) we've been meaning to pop in for a meal or drink. There's just never seemed to be space for us, though - we always seem to end up in Camps Bay at the same time as Cape Town's entire population of trendy people! Café Caprice has always been a very popular meeting-place, and I'm not sure that that's just because of the identity of its owner.

We managed to arrive in Camps Bay early (just after 9am is early, isn't it?), and so there was still plenty of space for us to pick a nice sunny seat at the window. So, our first visit to Caprice was pretty good, actually. Our young waiter was sparky and quick to attend. For breakfast we both chose the Madame Caprice (a pocket of French toast, buttered with mustard, filled with bacon and cheese and topped with a fried egg) with coffee.

Madame Caprice was flippin' awesome - except perhaps for the mustard, which Kerry-Anne loved and I felt spoiled the meal a little. I've never been a real mustard fan, and in retrospect I should have asked them to hold the mustard.

Café Caprice's website is one of those annoying Flash sites, but take a look anyway - their menu seems up-to-date and they have a small (though un-maintained!) gallery section with photos from parties held at the restaurant.