The breakfast assembly line

The breakfast assembly line
These guys were assembling a strange pancake-bacon-type breakfast. They had one of the longest queues at the Neighbourgoods Market's breakfast section, so I assume it must have been pretty good. :) Check that post about the market out over here.

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  1. Paul

    Post author

    Yea yea, it’s been due for a reskin for some time now. I eventually got irritated enough with the old theme.

    That’s a terribly racist-type thing to say Ali! Haha, :P. I wanted a fresher look and sticking to the darker colour scheme made that quite tricky – but yeah, especially the individual pages are pretty bright, and feel a little naked. I’m not done yet, so I’ll try to address that as I roll out other changes. Thanks for the comment. :)

  2. Ali Schwarzer

    Haha, don’t think so! :P I also think that it was time to do so. I think there wouldn’t be any problem if the single page isn’t that overloaded but maybe you could make your photographs responsive too?!

  3. Ali Schwarzer

    Ah, sry, what I forgot: It would be great if the pics in the single posts wouldn’t only be repsonsive but bigger too. So I think, this would helps a lot to absorb the brightness of the web page. ^^

  4. Ali Schwarzer

    Thx for that, Paul. I checked your site with my smartphone too and I found out that Google Ads interfere with the layout. I gonna send you a mail. Sry for being the party pooper! :D

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