Late breakfast at Tokara

Late breakfast at Tokara
After waking up a little late we hunted the web for a place that served breakfast until a reasonable time - which would be noon. :)

We'd often heard of Tokara, the wine and olive farm, but never visited - so we "whooped" and patted ourselves on the back when we discovered that they served breakfast until 12pm!

We rushed off to Stellenbosch, and ascended the Helshoogte mountain pass, arriving at Tokara at 11h40, just in time to order breakfast.

It's a beautiful place, and I'll post a few more photos, but in the meantime let me say that you really want to visit the delicatessen (where this photo was taken). The (huge) croissant, bacon, and eggs combination was both delicious and well priced - and their coffee, well let's say that they sure know how to make coffee.

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