Breakfast near Durbanville

Breakfast near Durbanville
Besides for Chocolat in Oxford Street, I'm not very sold on breakfast spots in and around Durbanville. Well, that's if one excludes the many wine farms in the area... and then still I find their restaurants pretty much hit-and-miss in terms of quality, service, and appeal.

Kerry-Anne recently discovered a little restaurant, La Feta Vij Eatery, in the High Street Shopping Village, so we decided to pay them a visit for a quick breakfast. While not the most scenic of spots, the restaurant's decor was beautiful, the staff were lovely, and the quiet french music playing in the background had the relaxing effect the proprietors intended to create.

They had several delicious-sounding items on the breakfast menu, and after some deliberation I decided on the french toast - I'm a sucker for bacon and green figs. While the bacon wasn't crispy (as the menu suggested it would be) there was plenty of it and the combination of syrup, bacon, and figs on the egg-infused ciabatta was truly exquisite.

Pay La Feta Vij Eatery (map) in the High Street Shopping Village a visit - I'm convinced you'll be glad you did.

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