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No one looks tough drinking through a straw

Street Art in Observatory
I discovered this piece of street art in Cape Town's eccentric suburb of Observatory, and right now I'm trying to imagine standing in a bar, beer in hand, sipping through a straw. It may as well be a pink beer... which reminds me of this funny advert for Windhoek Lager. :)


To continue from my previous post - don't you think this is just the strangest abandoned building? The perspective makes the wall look a lot higher than it actually is - it's only about 1 meter above ground level, with the rest sinking far down into the soft earth. What was even weirder was that (as I mentioned) the building is almost completely filled with extremely clear water.

An abandoned building in Newlands Forest

An abandoned building in Newlands Forest
We came across this abandoned building in Newlands Forest. The interior was filled with water, almost up until this window, and the rest of the building (from just below the roof) was below ground level - almost as if it had been caught in a mudslide. It was very eerie - and I couldn't help thinking "Cabin in the woods".

Education takes you places

Education takes you places
I found this mural on the wall of a school in Cape Town's suburb of Bo Kaap - I think it was St Paul's Primary. The brightly-painted text next to the mural read "Education takes you places" - a useful daily reminder for kids of that age.

DAL’s Deer Park mural

Deer Park mural
DAL, a public space artist, was born in China and started with his first public works in 2004. Since then he's graced Cape Town with a few murals, including this one at Deer Park - just below Deer Park Café. Click on the pics below to see larger versions, and click through to DAL's own site to browse through his other works - they're extraordinary!

Freeze, I’m Fisko, Ma Baker sent me

Freeze, I'm Fisko
In trying to control the availability of firearms the government, a few years ago now, changed law restricting how many guns and the specific type of firearms one could own. An amnesty period was provided in which time people with illegal firearms could hand them in at police stations without fear of prosecution. If I recall correctly, gun owners even had to re-register their firearms and apply for new licences!

Today it's far more difficult than it ever was to obtain a legal firearm. Some people are glad about this (as they believe it reduces the chance of violent crime, or injury and death due to negligence) and others believe that the government is out to undermine their ability to protect themselves.

Does your government restrict the ability to buy firearms, and if so, do you support this? (If you leave a comment, please indicate which country you're from, if you own a firearm, and try your best not to rant. This can be a fiery topic. ;) ).