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Cash for scrap

Cash for scrap
It's very rare to find brass house numbers or copper taps on the street-facing side of peoples houses these days. The rise in unemployment caused people to resort to stealing valuable metal from the front of houses so that they could sell the bits and pieces to companies that recycle scrap metal. These days you'll find that most homes use non-metal numbers and plastic taps on the front of their properties.

Walking the Woodstock sidewalks

Walking the Woodstock sidewalks
The Cape Town suburb of Woodstock is one of the oldest suburbs in Cape Town. Years back, before the sea was forced back to where it is now, Woodstock used to be a seaside suburb... in fact, my dad remembers swimming at Woodstock beach!

Many Capetonians don't know this, but for some reason (unlike the well-known District Six area) Woodstock escaped the apartheid era's segregation laws. Somehow it remained an area where Caucasian, African, Coloured and Asians could live side-by-side.

Naturally, given the apartheid times and industrialisation the area became run down and dilapidated. Crime increased, and the Woodstock became an undesirable area. In the late 1990s the government started an urban renewal program to uplift the area. Now, 15 years on, while the streets and many buildings are still terribly run down, many businesses have opened in the area, young people have started buying and renovating homes, and much of Cape Town's middle- and upper-class have started frequenting places like The Old Biscuit Mill and The Woodstock Foundry.

While I certainly wouldn't suggest you wander at times when the streets are quiet, take some time to walk the Woodstock streets on a Saturday morning - there are plenty of interesting and unusual things to see.

Let’s be nice – it’s freezing out there

Tribe Coffee at The Woodstock Foundry

Okay, I apologise Jake, I caught you off guard. :) Jake meet everyone, everyone meet Jake - roaster extraordinaire at Tribe Coffee Roastery in Woodstock.

Tribe recently launched their Tribe Winter Drive campaign to collect used clothes, blankets, and anything else warm you may not be using. Nope, not for themselves, for the homeless; those people who sleep outdoors in this crazy weather we're having. In exchange for your gifts, they'll provide you warm smiles and a steaming cup of Jake's handiwork - nice heh?

The drive lasts until the end of June, but don't wait until then, there are dozens of homeless people that could benefit from your hand-me-downs. Have a heart, do the right thing. :)

You'll find Tribe at 170 Albert Road in The Woodstock Foundry.

Mixed herbs and other leafy things

Mixed herbs and other leafy things
Kerry-Anne's brother, the family horticulturist, started a business growing herbs and other leafy salad things from their little farm in Langebaan a little while back. I visited the Market at the Palms (a bi-monthly market in Woodstock, where he sells some of his produce) on Saturday to touch base with the family and (I have to admit) indulge in chocolate from the chocolate fountain operated by Rococoa, the most insanely-awesome chocolatier I've ever visited. If you have a chocolate addiction, then be warned, I'll share those photos tomorrow!

But for now, if you're interested in doing the healthy thing and buying seedlings to start your own herb-and-salad-leaf garden, visit the Mixed Herbs Facebook page and leave a message on the wall, or email John directly for more info.