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Bay Harbour Market – Feed me Seymore…

Bay Harbour Market - Feed me Seymore...
As I mentioned in my previous post - the food at the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay was superb. After walking from stall to stall I settled on the one in this photo - their omelettes looked to awesome to pass up.

Even though I waited about 20 minutes for the food (which isn't really *that* long) what was great was that I didn't have to stand at the stall, they handed out buzzers that would vibrate when your order's ready for collection. Quite different to a regular food market, heh? :)

Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay

Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay
We arrived at about 10h30 - there was still space to breath. This was however not a luxury to be enjoyed once lunch time and the hungry hoards arrived.

I'm being overly dramatic, sure. :) While lunch time was pretty busy, and it took a little longer than what I'd hoped for to get my fantastically-awesome bacon and brie cheese omelet from stall 1 and take-away coffee from stall 2, it wasn't too bad. It was raining outside and I was pretty darn glad that this market was indoors, and in retrospect pretty glad for said hoards - they soon heated up the place, keeping temperatures at a comfy 23°C. :)

If you haven't, you should visit. Fridays from 17h00 to 21h00, and weekend-days from 09h30 to 16h00.

Rococoa: For the love of chocolate

Chocolate fountain cone
Mini chocolate cones cost only R5 - and, believe me, they're well worth the money! On market days at The Palms Terraces in Woodstock, Rococoao (a small bakery, chocolatier, and coffee shop) set up a small stall outside their shop, laden with all kinds of chocolates, including this machine filled with molten chocolate. (I'm sure they stole it from Charlie's chocolate factory, btw.)

If you decide to visit, then here's an insider tip - besides for the chocolate cones, you have to try their hot chocolate drink. They basically walk over to this machine, pour a magnitude of chocolate into the cup, add hot milk, and serve. It's divine. At R25 it's slightly more expensive than ordinary hot chocolate, but like the cone, most definitely worth it!

Mixed herbs and other leafy things

Mixed herbs and other leafy things
Kerry-Anne's brother, the family horticulturist, started a business growing herbs and other leafy salad things from their little farm in Langebaan a little while back. I visited the Market at the Palms (a bi-monthly market in Woodstock, where he sells some of his produce) on Saturday to touch base with the family and (I have to admit) indulge in chocolate from the chocolate fountain operated by Rococoa, the most insanely-awesome chocolatier I've ever visited. If you have a chocolate addiction, then be warned, I'll share those photos tomorrow!

But for now, if you're interested in doing the healthy thing and buying seedlings to start your own herb-and-salad-leaf garden, visit the Mixed Herbs Facebook page and leave a message on the wall, or email John directly for more info.

Buying and selling old bottles

Buying and selling old bottles
If you like old things, then visit this stall at the Milnerton Fleamarket. The proprietor stocks a huge variety of old bottles. Notice the old Coca Cola bottle? That one sells for R20, while the one its right is marked R25. The little brown bottle to the left of the Coca Cola bottle is an old ink pot from the late 1800's and the large bottle to the right of the photo (the one with the big white label) is an old whiskey bottle.

If you have a fetish for old things, or even if you'd like to sell off a few rare old bottles of your own - visit this stall at the Milnerton Fleamarket.

All kinds of things

All kinds of things
The sellers had started packing up a lot of their goods by the time that we reached stall C33 at the Milnerton Fleamarket. For reference, the market is open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 7am to 3pm.

At the market you'll find a huge variety of items from garage tools, to old LPs, computer bits and pieces, old camera lenses and accessories, plastic containers, clothing, and much much more. If you're a compulsive buyer, allow me to suggest that you take a limited amount of cash with you, else you'll end up bringing home far more white elephants than I think you could imagine. :)

The Milnerton Fleamarket

The Milnerton Fleamarket
The Milnerton Informal Traders Association organise the weekend fleamarket along the R27 between the suburbs of Paarden Island and Milnerton. The fleamarket is a genuine bric-à-brac market where traders are allowed only to sell second-hand goods.

The market was previously located a little further along the R27 at a particularly dusty spot which, combined with the wind, made visiting the market a little unpleasant. Today the market is located on a long stretch of dust-free tarmac and each trader has a clearly marked out and numbered spot (which makes it easier to find particular stalls on return visits).

Fresh Ice Tea and a photo exhibition

Ice Tea
Neighbour Goods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill is a place to visit if you love mingling with people and buying wholesome fresh food, all in a relaxed atmosphere. Merrill, one of our readers, sent me this photo taken at the market at about the same time as another reader, Saul from PlayJumpEat, sent me some information about a photo exhibition that he'll be hosting at the Biscuit Mill (which, based on the name PlayJumpEat, is an apt location ;) ):

"We are having an exhibition of the Bedjump series with the opening on Saturday, 10 April. The exhibition will be at Exposure Gallery at the Biscuit Mill. We will have a bed there on Saturday for everyone to jump on and have their photographs taken."

Jumping on a bed while having your photo taken may sound like a strange concept... but if you're keen to either buy one of the photos, or have your photo taken (presumably for free), stop by the Biscuit Mill (map) on Saturday morning.

Durbanville night market

Night craft market

Every first Saturday of the month, a variety of crafters get together under the trees in Durbanville to sell their home-made products at the Durbanville Craft Market. In December the organisers put together special night markets for people who would like to buy hand-made gifts for their friends and family. Apart from the handcrafted items that you can purchase, there's always take-away food available, and a variety of entertainers to keep shoppers amused. The night markets are finished for the year now, but keep them in mind next year - they have some pretty cool stuff for sale.

Click here to see a list of craft markets around the country.

The Christmas market at Neighbourgoods Market

Christmas Market

On Wednesday I popped in at the Neighbourgoods Market's special evening Christmas market. When I arrived, there was hardly place for a sardine to squeeze between the bustling shoppers. The after-work rush only started to disperse after 8pm (which is when I managed to find a spot to take this photo).

The market had plenty of gift-like items inside the main building, with the courtyard dedicated to all kinds of edible treats - just to make sure that people didn't leave early to go and have dinner. The organisers even arranged for a band to keep things festive, and by all accounts they did a pretty good job of that.

The best part of the evening for me was when I spotted a young woman and her accomplice carrying away a crate filled with delicious if-they-were-any-fresher-they-would-be-warm loaves of bread - presumably from Knead (who had a stall at the market). When I enquired of her as to where they were taking the yummy-looking loaves she said that they weren't selling fast enough, so they were taking them to a nearby homeless shelter! How's that for generosity? Instead of keeping the loaves to see if they'd perhaps sell a few more, or even trying to sell them the following day, they decided to give them away while still fresh.

Don't you think the gesture was appropriate for a Christmas market in particular?