The Christmas market at Neighbourgoods Market

Christmas Market

On Wednesday I popped in at the Neighbourgoods Market's special evening Christmas market. When I arrived, there was hardly place for a sardine to squeeze between the bustling shoppers. The after-work rush only started to disperse after 8pm (which is when I managed to find a spot to take this photo).

The market had plenty of gift-like items inside the main building, with the courtyard dedicated to all kinds of edible treats - just to make sure that people didn't leave early to go and have dinner. The organisers even arranged for a band to keep things festive, and by all accounts they did a pretty good job of that.

The best part of the evening for me was when I spotted a young woman and her accomplice carrying away a crate filled with delicious if-they-were-any-fresher-they-would-be-warm loaves of bread - presumably from Knead (who had a stall at the market). When I enquired of her as to where they were taking the yummy-looking loaves she said that they weren't selling fast enough, so they were taking them to a nearby homeless shelter! How's that for generosity? Instead of keeping the loaves to see if they'd perhaps sell a few more, or even trying to sell them the following day, they decided to give them away while still fresh.

Don't you think the gesture was appropriate for a Christmas market in particular?

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