Buying and selling old bottles

Buying and selling old bottles
If you like old things, then visit this stall at the Milnerton Fleamarket. The proprietor stocks a huge variety of old bottles. Notice the old Coca Cola bottle? That one sells for R20, while the one its right is marked R25. The little brown bottle to the left of the Coca Cola bottle is an old ink pot from the late 1800's and the large bottle to the right of the photo (the one with the big white label) is an old whiskey bottle.

If you have a fetish for old things, or even if you'd like to sell off a few rare old bottles of your own - visit this stall at the Milnerton Fleamarket.

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  1. Horizon Cottages

    There are now many markets in Cape Town, but the Milnerton Flea market remains the only true free market in the city. It is the kind of place that can keep the collector of memorabilia interested and enthralled for an entire morning. It is not only a great place to find interesting things to purchase but also to observe the people of Cape Town at leisure.

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