Summer in Camps Bay

Summer in Camps Bay
It's still winter in South Africa - but based on this photo of the Camps Bay area, nobody would say so.

I took this shot from Kloof Road, just below where the famous Round House restaurant does business. This whole area has a huge number of short hiking trails that would be perfect as an early morning walk. I really wish that I could live in this area - besides for it being a beautiful area there would then be no excuse not to get regular exercise in the outdoors!

6 thoughts on “Summer in Camps Bay

  1. Chris M

    I was just blogging about the weather and how it’s changing. Less than a week away from the first of September (Read: Spring) and how I can’t wait for those gorgeous hot days to hit us!

    This photograph captures the potential perfectly.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Chris, Craig, and Pamela… sorry about that… ;)

    It was such beautiful weather again today. I think we may have water restrictions enforced again this year. :-/

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  4. Eleonora

    I’ve noticed there’s been quite an increase in construction in Camps Bay in these last 6 years, since my last visit.

    Still beautiful, and such warm light… sigh…

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