Fresh Ice Tea and a photo exhibition

Ice Tea
Neighbour Goods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill is a place to visit if you love mingling with people and buying wholesome fresh food, all in a relaxed atmosphere. Merrill, one of our readers, sent me this photo taken at the market at about the same time as another reader, Saul from PlayJumpEat, sent me some information about a photo exhibition that he'll be hosting at the Biscuit Mill (which, based on the name PlayJumpEat, is an apt location ;) ):

"We are having an exhibition of the Bedjump series with the opening on Saturday, 10 April. The exhibition will be at Exposure Gallery at the Biscuit Mill. We will have a bed there on Saturday for everyone to jump on and have their photographs taken."

Jumping on a bed while having your photo taken may sound like a strange concept... but if you're keen to either buy one of the photos, or have your photo taken (presumably for free), stop by the Biscuit Mill (map) on Saturday morning.

9 thoughts on “Fresh Ice Tea and a photo exhibition

  1. Cristina

    I’m very keen on Neighbour Goods Market, especially the food hall.
    Last time I was there I’ve spent all the morning taking pictures of anything eatable. Fantastic, it’s the only market of CT that reminds me the open air markets we have in Italy in all the town. In Milano or in Genoa avery district has his weekly market, where you can find any food you desire, clothing and any thing you need. There are other food markets in CT for fruit and vegetables?

  2. Luciano dos santos

    Wow!she lives around the corner from me….are u still doing wedding photos in nyanga?im going to get my autographed picture rite

  3. Saul

    Thanks Paul,

    Yes, the pictures of people jumping on the bed will be taken for free and emailed to you.

    All the images of people such as Archbishop Tutu and Freshlyground jumping on the bed will be for sale. But, everyone just needs to come out and play (and of course eat!!)

    Thanks again.

  4. Kelly Wainwright

    Hi Paul! Thanks so much for this write-up! My name is Kelly. I’m the conceptualist/producer of the PLAYJUMPEAT project, & just wanted to say that the Gallery Show is jointly “hosted” by both EXPOSURE Gallery & Messy Monkey Arts.
    Four photographers were involved in this year-long project, including: Inge Prins, Charley Pollard, Antonia Steyn, & Saul Wainwright.

    Thanks again!
    As quoted by my friend Max Kaizen, “Start Saturday morning with laughter and crazyass inspiration: make like Tutu & jump on someone else’s bed just for fun. Great to get your appetite going before you go to the Market or Superette for brekkie ..if you’re lucky enough to be in Cape Town”

    Kelly & the PlayJumpEat team!

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Luciano, I hope that you’re asking if Merrill still does wedding photos in Nyanga. I’m not much of a wedding photographer. ;)

  6. Paul

    Post author

    Saul, Kelly, thanks for the info. It sounds awesome, but I unfortunately don’t think we’ll be able to make it. Good luck with the weather!

    Oh, Kelly, Max designed the theme for Cape Town Daily Photo. She’s awesome. :)

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  8. Nicolene Richards

    I am prepared to consider selling my soul for the recipe of the iced rooibos tea at the neighbourgoods market!

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