Mussels on a bed of grey rock

Mussles of the sea
One time after a very cold and very short snorkelling expedition in our very cold sea water we came to find ourselves sitting on a rock near the edge of the water. Kerry-Anne felt peckish, so she plucked a plump looking black mussel from a nearby rock, opened it up, and had a little seafood snack. Even though she only ate one of the slimy little creatures, I remember her really enjoying that little morsel - even though I thought the idea was absolutely distasteful.

Given that one actually needs a permit to remove even mussels from the ocean, I have to wonder if she was breaking any laws by gobbling that little one...

3 thoughts on “Mussels on a bed of grey rock

  1. Nixgrim

    Once upon a time, my mother-in-law did the same while we were on a walk, except with oysters, and gave me one. I sucked it down (being newly married, I didn’t think it would do to upset her by rejecting her hard won gift). It was disgusting and put me off oysters for the longest time. However, it was rather nutritious and definitely kept the munchies at bay until we got home. (Or maybe it was just so horrible that my stomach refused the thought of anything further! LOL!)

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