A busy Long Street at night

Long Street at Night
Long Street is an amazing place at night. It's lined with restaurants and bars and has loads of people streaming up and down all night long.

Long is a one-way, with it's parallel neighbour, Loop, running in the opposite direction. This particular section is near the top of the road - where it's pretty safe to walk around at night. The middle, or bottom is a lot quieter and not necessarily quite as safe, and I guess is a place that I'd only really walk around during the day.

5 thoughts on “A busy Long Street at night

  1. Eleonora

    I was having lunch at a small restaurant across from Mama Africa one day and as I bit into a sandwich and looked out the large windows facing the sidewalk, I saw a naked man walking down the street. Not so much the birthday suit is what startled me, rather the nonchalance he carried.

    Love Long St. And Loop too.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Eleonora, heh – I promise, it wasn’t me. ;) Glad that you found it entertaining. :D

    Celeste, thanks for that, I love the photo – as you say, it’s *so* Long Street. :)

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