Let’s be nice – it’s freezing out there

Tribe Coffee at The Woodstock Foundry

Okay, I apologise Jake, I caught you off guard. :) Jake meet everyone, everyone meet Jake - roaster extraordinaire at Tribe Coffee Roastery in Woodstock.

Tribe recently launched their Tribe Winter Drive campaign to collect used clothes, blankets, and anything else warm you may not be using. Nope, not for themselves, for the homeless; those people who sleep outdoors in this crazy weather we're having. In exchange for your gifts, they'll provide you warm smiles and a steaming cup of Jake's handiwork - nice heh?

The drive lasts until the end of June, but don't wait until then, there are dozens of homeless people that could benefit from your hand-me-downs. Have a heart, do the right thing. :)

You'll find Tribe at 170 Albert Road in The Woodstock Foundry.

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