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Handprints and real irony

Handprints on a black wall
I found these handprints on the wall of the Wellness Foundation, an organisation that supports people struggling with HIV/AIDS.

I would have written a little more about what they do, but ironically, Google lists the site with a note "This site may harm your computer." I dug a little deeper and found that Google found that the site is infected with malware that automatically downloads to your computer, potentially infecting it with a virus.

Now Alanis, that's irony.

No one looks tough drinking through a straw

Street Art in Observatory
I discovered this piece of street art in Cape Town's eccentric suburb of Observatory, and right now I'm trying to imagine standing in a bar, beer in hand, sipping through a straw. It may as well be a pink beer... which reminds me of this funny advert for Windhoek Lager. :)

Neoliberalism = Colonialism, really?

Neoliberalism = Colonialism, really?
I can't say that I see the rational in this equation. I suppose it's a communistic (or perhaps rather socialistic) viewpoint, which in their ideals has merit, but from what I can tell tend to be counterproductive in their implementation.

A mural, of sorts

A mural, of sorts
I found this mural below the Cape Town Civic Centre buildings in Cape Town. If you click the photo to see the large version you'll barely be able to make out a small sign with red text to the lower left of the mural that reads "Emergency Exit - Keep Clear". It's pretty cool that the door was included into the mural - it's barely visible when walking past. :)

Before I die I want to…

Before I die
We found this chalk board street art on Kloof Street in Cape Town. The first "Before I die I want to..." wall was created in February last year by a New Orleans artist, Candy Chang. It attracted so much attention that she created a toolkit to allow people all over the world to create similar walls.

Visit her website to see dozens of far-more-awesome photos of the original as well as similar walls in Brooklyn, Johannesburg, Mexico and Kazakhstan.

DAL’s Deer Park mural

Deer Park mural
DAL, a public space artist, was born in China and started with his first public works in 2004. Since then he's graced Cape Town with a few murals, including this one at Deer Park - just below Deer Park Café. Click on the pics below to see larger versions, and click through to DAL's own site to browse through his other works - they're extraordinary!

Ali G’s Videos

Ali G's Videos
Don't you just love this? It's a mural painted outside of Ali G's Videos - a small movie rental shop in Walmer Estate.

Walmer Estate is a community comprised largely of orthodox religious folk (ref). As my reference indicated, the owner of Ali G's Videos is a pretty orthodox Muslim woman - which I find interesting. I can't quite correlate an orthodox Muslim woman with Ali G's Videos. I guess this again proves you can't box people according to your perception of who are. :)

A Blonde mural

A Blonde mural
Blonde was such an awesome restaurant - it's really a shame that it seems to have closed down. I checked their website and it appears now to redirect to the parent company's site. Still, a lovely mural, don't you think?