Handprints and real irony

Handprints on a black wall
I found these handprints on the wall of the Wellness Foundation, an organisation that supports people struggling with HIV/AIDS.

I would have written a little more about what they do, but ironically, Google lists the site with a note "This site may harm your computer." I dug a little deeper and found that Google found that the site is infected with malware that automatically downloads to your computer, potentially infecting it with a virus.

Now Alanis, that's irony.

5 thoughts on “Handprints and real irony

  1. Pamela

    Irony indeed, this is a fascinating photo that I clicked to read more about, but Google Chrome is doing something very odd to your page, it is constantly refreshing which makes the new window move down so the text can’t be read. I eventually downloaded ie to get to find out where the photo was taken, only to read that the website has malware – that makes it doubly ironic!

    Great image, well worth the hassle.

  2. Paul Gilowey

    Post author

    Pamela! Good to hear from you. Apologies for making you download IE – I can’t think of a worse punishment. Well. Except for Netscape Navigator, but then AOL stopped developing NN back in 2007…

    And my, yes, a double irony indeed! (Which makes me think of Orwell’s Newspeak… but I digress…)

    Anyway, the weird thing is that I also use Chrome. I’ve tested the site, and this page, in Chrome 32.0.1700.107 m, FireFox 27.0.1, IE 9, and Safari (whichever version comes along with iOS 7.latest, and don’t seem to have the same problem.

    I’m keen to know about these anomalies, because I code the theme myself, so thanks for letting me know.

    I’m wondering if perhaps something went wrong with either your browser’s cached copy of some file, or my server’s cached copy of the page. Would you mind going to the page again in Chrome, and then hitting Ctrl-R to force reload all the files? Or, open Chrome and click the menu (those three horizontal lines in the top right corner) and open an Incognito Window to test in? Sorry to trouble you!

    And finally, thanks for going to such effort – glad you found the photo worth the hassle! :)

  3. Pamela

    Ctrl R fixed it straight away – not something I have needed to do before, so a case of live and learn. Thanks for the suggestion.

    It was no effort really – besides I owe you a coffee! The wedding trip, (entirely wonderful by the way), did mean shepherding various members of the extended family around and before we knew it Christmas was over and we were back in the UK. Lots of memories, far too many photos and a brand new Saffa Son in Law!


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