Tribe Coffee – I recommend you visit

Tribe Coffee - I recommend you visit
I wouldn't have thought I were a coffee snob - given that I drink plentiful amounts of cheap instant coffee, which (to be fair) I admit isn't coffee at all. But, it is true, I'm somewhat picky when it comes to coffee. In fact, I keep a mental journal of restaurants and coffee shops that serve up the vilest brews, and often end up avoiding them entirely, or (at the very least) make sure that I remember not to order their coffee.

I heard about Tribe Coffee at The Foundry in Woodstock. At the time I remember thinking it couldn't possibly be better than Truth, and for sure wouldn't top Origin, but, I have to say, it's close - and I think I may actually prefer their coffee to that served at both Truth and Origin. Sure, you don't believe me - and perhaps it's just personal taste at play, but you really should visit Tribe. Pay your R10 for their cup of brown gold, and then let's compare notes. Okay? :)

You'll find Tribe at 160 Albert Road in Woodstock, just a little down the road (and within walking distance) from The Old Biscuit Mill.

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