Treat-a-friend-to-coffee day

Drinking water at Truth Coffeecult

Truth Coffee opened its doors just off Buitengracht Street a few months back, and eventually, after wanting to visit for so long, and hearing reports of how awesome the coffee was, I decided to inaugurate the first "Treat-a-friend-to-coffee day", and experience the legendary heavenly drink.

And heavenly it was. Few people know how to make good coffee, but somehow David seems to get it right every time. (Perhaps you remember the article that Kerry-Anne wrote about Origin Roasting, David's previous venue?)

Now, you may notice something strange about the photo. Yes! No coffee! The truth is (if you'll excuse the pun :D ) that the coffee was so good that we finished it only moments after it landed on our table, leaving us with the freshly filtered bottle of water you see on our table (that I'm fairly sure cost only R15 - a bargain, even though I didn't get to keep the pretty bottle!). :)

5 thoughts on “Treat-a-friend-to-coffee day

  1. mjw

    I’ve been waiting very patiently for the Truth Coffee post to go up, because I saw your tweets while you were there!

    It’s become one of my favourite places in Cape Town and David has taught me, over the years (and the team recently), a lot about coffee in preparation for articles we will be writing.

    Plus, there’s free Wi-Fi and the light meals on the menu are really good (I’ve been testing them out).

  2. Paul

    Post author

    mjw, I guess you would have realised that I’m *so* far behind and trying desperately to catch up. Work has just been hectic for us both… so ja… we’ll get there soon!

    Beverley, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it!

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