Sunday afternoon cricket

A baby statue

A while back we spent the afternoon with friends playing a Sunday afternoon round of cricket. Since that sounds ambiguous, let me clarify that Kerry-Anne and I certainly weren't playing. Andre and I spent the afternoon shooting photos, while Kerry-Anne became the eyes to those not able to attend by live-tweeting the game.

While taking a break from photographing ball after ball, I took this picture. I have to admit that I've always found statues of babies just a smidgen weird. Am I the only one who thinks this or do you feel the same?

(Oh please say I'm not the only one. ;) )

4 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon cricket

  1. Guinivea

    I agree with Beverley, I have always found statues of babies and children sad, but at the same time beautiful. Awesome photo too!

  2. Taryn

    This is a stunning photo – you can almost feel the sadness in the photo. It feels like you captured another age – even the cricket is fitting in the background – if that makes sense.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Bev, Gwen, Taryn, it is kinda sad hey. I should be careful to let my mind wander, lest I end up all depressed. I just wonder how these statues came to exist – they seem pretty common in English-type gardens. Bev?

    Taryn, yeah, I know what you mean about the cricket. I waited for ages for the guys in the background to position themselves nicely. :)

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