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I took this photo while wandering around one of our prestigious Catholic schools, St Joseph's College in Rondebosch (map). St Joseph's has both a junior and a senior school, housed in separate buildings, and clearly places a lot of emphasis on cricket - they have two large cricket ovals, which, according to one of the ex-pupils, is where kids spent most of their days after school and on weekends, batting, bowling, and running after cricket balls.

An interesting thing about this photo is the World Book encyclopaedia in the window. This particular encyclopaedia was first published in 1917, only one year before the school opened its doors. I think it's rather an interesting coincidence that these books and the building in which they lie both originated at around the same time.

2 thoughts on “Books and encyclopaedias

  1. Pamela

    Two of my favourite things in one picture! Books and windows – or some reason I can’t pass an interesting window with a camera in my hand – and now find to my delight that HDR can sort out ones taken from the inside to get the view as well.

    We will be back in CT in just under 6 weeks – any autumnal recommendations gratefully received!


  2. Dr S

    Oh Lord, this just brought back a flood of memories: pre-school and school projects and my lust to be the only grandchild to have read the entire enncyclopaedia that stood in its place of pride on my grandma’s bookshelf…

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