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African statue art

African statue art
We found these babies outside a shop in a side street (perhaps close to Shortmarket Street) in Cape Town. Stupidly I forgot to check the address, so I'm afraid you'll have to tour around the city center looking for the statues - that's if you'd like to find the store.

I wasn't sure if the grim-looking proprietor was happy for us to take photos so I moved our party along leaving him to assume that we were foreign tourists. :)

Angel at Stellenbosch cemetery

Angel at Stellenbosch cemetery
If you never caught the first post in the series of cemetery photos – click here to see what the series is all about.

It seems strange to me to have statues of angels watching over graves. I suppose what I find strange about it is that the statue is really only there for the living who visit the graves of their departed loved ones.

Do you think it offers some kind of comfort? Would you erect this kind of statue at a loved one's grave? How would you feel about one being erected in memory of you? I'm really interested to know.

Walking the Road – the start of Public Art

Statue at Sea Point promenade
Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe, a Fine Arts Masters student, is the lady responsible for the series of sculptures recently erected on the Sea Point Promenade. This sculpture is one of 18 that will be on display until June 2011, and which form part of a project to help establish a better Public Art Policy for the City of Cape Town.

This sculpture of a young girl represents "a young South African democracy", full of hope and promise. Read more about the project and the other sculptures in the Walking the Road display on Marieke's website.

The Golden Seal of the Table Bay

The Golden Seal
This golden statue of a South African Fur Seal (aka Cape Fur Seal) is found outside of the V&A Waterfront's Table Bay Hotel (map). In fact, the windows in the background are those that you're able to gaze out of while dining at the hotel.

The golden statue was erected in honour of an old fisherman, Oscar, who often spent time fishing off a nearby pier. Oscar, reportedly, made friends with a seal who use to visit him each morning. The fisherman occasionally use to feed the seal some of his bait, or sometimes even fish that he'd caught. The story on the Table Bay's site is a typical ad copy, so be sure to conjure up a warmed heart when reading about the seal from the hotel's perspective. ;) You'll find their page here.

Sunday afternoon cricket

A baby statue

A while back we spent the afternoon with friends playing a Sunday afternoon round of cricket. Since that sounds ambiguous, let me clarify that Kerry-Anne and I certainly weren't playing. Andre and I spent the afternoon shooting photos, while Kerry-Anne became the eyes to those not able to attend by live-tweeting the game.

While taking a break from photographing ball after ball, I took this picture. I have to admit that I've always found statues of babies just a smidgen weird. Am I the only one who thinks this or do you feel the same?

(Oh please say I'm not the only one. ;) )