The Golden Seal of the Table Bay

The Golden Seal
This golden statue of a South African Fur Seal (aka Cape Fur Seal) is found outside of the V&A Waterfront's Table Bay Hotel (map). In fact, the windows in the background are those that you're able to gaze out of while dining at the hotel.

The golden statue was erected in honour of an old fisherman, Oscar, who often spent time fishing off a nearby pier. Oscar, reportedly, made friends with a seal who use to visit him each morning. The fisherman occasionally use to feed the seal some of his bait, or sometimes even fish that he'd caught. The story on the Table Bay's site is a typical ad copy, so be sure to conjure up a warmed heart when reading about the seal from the hotel's perspective. ;) You'll find their page here.

3 thoughts on “The Golden Seal of the Table Bay

  1. Cristina

    just last wednesday I was there, at Waterfront and on the pier next to the cruise ship I saw 3 seal, alive…end now.. I’m in Milano, I’ve arrived yesterday, very luky, in spite of the clouds of the Icelandic Vulcano. Today all the airport of the north of Italy are closed..

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Great to hear that you made it to Milano! Kerry-Anne’s trapped in Paris until the airports are opened again! She’s suppose to fly back on Monday, but alas, I’m not sure that’s going to be happening… :-/

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