A call to save Cape Town City Ballet

The Art of Living

Cape Town City Ballet opened it's doors *way* back in 1934, and today faces the possibility of closing up shop for ever. Even though I hadn't planned to write about ballet, I've just realised that the photo that I'd intended to post fits the theme - in some manner at least. :)

Ballet is indeed an art, and for the dancers involved with Cape Town City Ballet, it is a way of life. If you feel that you would like to support this organisation, please visit the Save Cape Town City Ballet website. There's a huge "donate" button towards the bottom of the homepage.

Thanks to Chris and The Forge Web Creations for bringing the cause to our attention and for setting up the Save Cape Town City Ballet website. You guys rock!

7 thoughts on “A call to save Cape Town City Ballet

  1. carel-j

    “…Ballet is indeed an art…” Wow, that is some heavy writing, right there! ;-) But yes, thanks for bringing this to the people’s attention. I have a friend who dances for them, and I’d hate for her to lose her job and come beg food at my house.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Carel, I guess then that it’s a nobrainer that you’ll be supporting them… either which way it turns out. ;)

    Biobot, thanks for your support – I’ve been to see one or two performances, and even though I’m not hugely into ballet, I have to agree with you – the city would be poorer without CTCB.

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