A wall of interesting things

A wall of interesting things
Take a close look – it’s a wall. A rather interesting wall filled with an eclectic mix of items. Isn’t it awesome? I spotted this outside of Tribe Coffee at The Woodstock Foundry while visiting on Saturday.

If you belong to a photo-walk group then I guarantee that your photographer-friends will hugely appreciate you insisting on a stop-over. There’s great coffee (at a great price) and a plethora of interesting photos to be taken.

Keep an eye out over the next day or two – I’ll share a few close-up photos of items in the wall, as well as an assortment other pieces of art that I found at The Woodstock Foundry.

5 thoughts on “A wall of interesting things

  1. Martha

    Hi Paul,

    I am actually an ex Gautenger, now living in Melbourne Australia, but chanced upon your site and now I get a photo every day! Great – but would have been even better if there was a similar site for other parts of SA as well…

    Re this wall, I would love a wider view that puts the wall into context, i.e. is it part of a building or does it enclose a court yard, etc.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. It is a lovely way to start my working day with a photo to make me feel a bit homesick (although Melbourne is awesome,so can’t actually complain)

    Best Regards,

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Martha,

    I believe Melbourne’s a lovely city. I did a quick search and found that the Johannesburg and Durban daily photo sites seem to have stopped publishing photos, so yeah, sorry about that.

    Perhaps check out http://www.citydailyphoto.org/ – there are bound to be other daily photo sites from around SA.

    Thanks for checking in!
    And, visit CT soon, ok? :)


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