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Seaside property

Seaside property
In my previous post I mentioned that I wouldn't mind baby-sitting one of the many empty properties along the Atlantic Seaboard; even just for a little while. Given the pointing, I imagine that's exactly what the young girl on the left was proposing.

Just look at those houses, crowded onto the slopes of Table Mountain. How spectacular it must be to live there! Well, for 6 months of the year, I guess. :)

Bikinis, beaches, and books

Bikinis, beaches, and books
Clifton 4th, where I took this photo, is one of the most idyllic beaches on our coast. I say "one of the", but that's only to be nice to other beaches. :)

The thing that Kerry-Anne likes most about the beach isn't the sand, or sea water - hell no, she actually doesn't enjoy those much at all. But, hand her a book and an iPad together with a couple of G and Ts, and she can sit on the beach for hours.

We're both working next week, but I'm going to make a plan to leave work a little early (perhaps on Tuesday), pack in a drink or two, our iPads, and head over to one of Clifton's 4 beaches, or perhaps even Camps Bay if the wind isn't blowing. It's gonna be awesome!

Cape Town – The prettiest girls in the world

Camera Girl
Well, I guess I'm bias when I say that a large number of the world's prettiest woman come from Cape Town. Firstly, I live in Cape Town, and secondly, the girl in the photo is Kerry-Anne.

Since I'm not particularly widely-traveled, and since people's taste differs on beauty, it's difficult for me to justify saying that Cape Town's most-beautiful-woman quota is on the high side when compared to the rest of the world. But, from what I've experienced in the USA and Australia, I have to say that we're right up there on the top of the pile. :)

Intelligence, personality and attitude are all huge contributing factors to actual beauty - so taking all into account, how would you rate Cape Town, and if you disagree with me, what country would you say is the birth place of the world's most beautiful woman?

Girl in the window

Girl in a window
Some people would say that Cape Town overflows with extraordinarily beautiful woman. While I acknowledge that taste does differ, I'd have to agree with the sentiment (and not only because the woman I know could feasibly gang up to inflict tremendous pain!). If you don't believe me, search the Western Cape province on ModelBase, arguably South Africa's leading model and photographer community. I think it's enough to sway even the greatest naysayer. :)

I found the beautiful young lady in this photo stuck in the window of a restaurant, and I'm willing to give 100 points to the first person able to tell me the name of the restaurant! :)

Treat-a-friend-to-coffee day

Drinking water at Truth Coffeecult

Truth Coffee opened its doors just off Buitengracht Street a few months back, and eventually, after wanting to visit for so long, and hearing reports of how awesome the coffee was, I decided to inaugurate the first "Treat-a-friend-to-coffee day", and experience the legendary heavenly drink.

And heavenly it was. Few people know how to make good coffee, but somehow David seems to get it right every time. (Perhaps you remember the article that Kerry-Anne wrote about Origin Roasting, David's previous venue?)

Now, you may notice something strange about the photo. Yes! No coffee! The truth is (if you'll excuse the pun :D ) that the coffee was so good that we finished it only moments after it landed on our table, leaving us with the freshly filtered bottle of water you see on our table (that I'm fairly sure cost only R15 - a bargain, even though I didn't get to keep the pretty bottle!). :)

Ballet class at the UCT School of Dance

Ballet practice at UCT School of Dance
After my last post reporting on AquaBallet at the V&A Waterfront, I was invited to take photos of Cape Town City Ballet dancers practising at the UCT School of Dance (see this map).

What I can say about the experience is that it's strangely intimidating walking into a full ballet class, camera in hand. But it seemed as though the dancers were friendly enough, and soon I was clicking away without any fear that they'd bandy together in a circle around me, hissing and snarling. :D

Okay, they weren't *that* scary... I guess that's just my picture-oriented mind getting carried away. Truth be told, I sat in a corner for most of the time clicking photo after photo and listening to Professor Triegaardt directing the dancers - "No, look that way...", "Less cheek to cheek, more eyebrow to eyebrow...", "Throw the balls that way and try not to hit the camera." :)

How to support Cape Town City Ballet

Cape Town City Ballet is a non-profit organisation, so if you have a passion for ballet and would like support the art, visit this page for more details.

Robyn Hobson – actress, model and a smidgen of geek

Robyn Hobson, Cape Town actress and model

If you've been following our blog for any length of time, then you'll know that Cape Town has plenty of beautiful buildings, beaches, mountains and farmlands. But that's not all, of course... the city also has more than its fair share of beautiful women. To illustrate this point, we'll introduce you to one of them.

Kerry-Anne and I met up with the beautiful Robyn Hobson for a quick lunch (which turned into rather a long lunch) at Andiamo - an Italian restaurant at Cape Quarter in De Waterkant.

The name @robynhobson popped into our Twitter feeds a while back, after her first visit to a geek-filled 27Dinner. What caught our attention first was that she's an FHM model, and second, that she was quite unlike any model stereotype we'd ever imagined - she's friendly, smart, and funny (no, not the laugh-at, but the laugh-with kind of funny :D). Robyn's just finished her final exam as a Business Science student, and now plans to focus on her acting career for a while.

Please take a moment to visit Robyn's FHM profile, and if you think she's deserving and like the idea of a beautiful brainy actress from Cape Town winning the competition (we do!), click the button and vote for her. :)