Cape Town – The prettiest girls in the world

Camera Girl
Well, I guess I'm bias when I say that a large number of the world's prettiest woman come from Cape Town. Firstly, I live in Cape Town, and secondly, the girl in the photo is Kerry-Anne.

Since I'm not particularly widely-traveled, and since people's taste differs on beauty, it's difficult for me to justify saying that Cape Town's most-beautiful-woman quota is on the high side when compared to the rest of the world. But, from what I've experienced in the USA and Australia, I have to say that we're right up there on the top of the pile. :)

Intelligence, personality and attitude are all huge contributing factors to actual beauty - so taking all into account, how would you rate Cape Town, and if you disagree with me, what country would you say is the birth place of the world's most beautiful woman?

10 thoughts on “Cape Town – The prettiest girls in the world

  1. Eleonora

    I can’t answer your question Paul, but I can say one thing, South Africa is hands down the one place with the highest overall concentration of drop-dead gorgeous men. And I’ve been around the world… Wow, the SA boys are HOT!!!

  2. Jim

    Although I think Cape Town is one of the two most beautiful cities in the world (Vancouver being the other), I don’t think its women are unusually distinguished in terms of physical attractiveness–with the exception of those in the Colored population. I think Florida or California would claim that honor. Yes, I do live Florida, but I’m not an American. BTW, as a first-time poster, let me say you do a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of the Cape Town region. I spent a lot of time in the Mother City in the late 90s and miss it intensely. Your superb pics help me relive the happy times in SA

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Eleonora – heh, I’m unfortunately totally not qualified to comment. :)

    Jim – thanks for your feedback. I guess who one meets and personal taste would have an impact on one’s judgement. That said, I take your recommendation and hope to be visiting California some time soon! I hope you visit again soon – the City’s looking beautiful. ;)

  4. Brian

    Hey there Paul,

    I’ve been studying here at UCT for three years now and rumour has it that Cape Town women are superb however I have not seen an evidence of this… Are they all concentrated in some part of town or something?

    Help a brother out.

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Hey Brian, that’s hilarious… and a difficult question to answer. I don’t think there’s concentration in a particular area. Perhaps you’re standards are simply too particular? :)

  6. daager

    Durban bru. Hot as. hahah Cape Town does have its share of beautiful women tho. But for me the hottest were the spanish women. Especially in Barcelona. Unaffected, cool, and beautiful. The accent doesnt hurt either :)

  7. Catherine

    Being part of the largest population group in Cape Town, i have to agree that Cape town women always come out tops. On the Cape Flats, astonishingly, the hunks and the beauties can be found in such areas where gangsterism are rife…incidently where the working-class live. You’ll find many European -looking coloureds as well as Latin – looking ones… Courtesy of our St Helena Island looks, which are saturated with our Scottish, English, Welsch, Irish and Indo- Asian blood. We are a different breed of mix from the rest of the country… Remember there was a time when there were not a single African in CAPE TOWN. EXCEPT FOR THE SLAVES FROM WEST AFRICA WHO WORKED IN BOLAND AND SURROUNDS.

  8. Romeo

    Mplain Bonte Steenberg Elsies River Vredenberg …these r the places to go to realize that the most beautiful women in the world do indeed come from the western cape south Africa

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