Close to nature

Bridge in the forrest
I some times wonder if people who live in our southern suburbs, close to Table Mountain, realise how privileged they are to the mountain's forrests right on their doorstep. We live about 25km away from Table Mountain, and it's beautiful wooded areas.

For those living close to the mountain, it's the easiest thing to head out onto one of the plentiful footpaths before work. Being so close to nature first-thing in the morning must be one of the best ways to start one's day.

If you're planning on visiting Cape Town some day, an insider tip is that you should be sure to book accommodation close to Table Mountain. We have plenty of other great places further away, but I'd recommend staying somewhere close to the mountain on your first visit - it's an awesome place to stay.

Do you live in an area like this? Is it easy for you to take a morning walk in a forrest with huge trees with little streams?

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