U2’s 360° tour in Cape Town

U2 in Cape Town
We, along with thousands of other fans had the opportunity to see the legendary U2 on their 360° tour in Cape Town at the Cape Town Stadium. The venue was superb (except for the difficult acoustics), the stage and famous Claw (the huge array of lights, speakers, and video displays that resemble the shape of a claw) was spectacular and the performance... perfectly brilliant. The entire event was unforgettable and will certainly be a hard one to beat!

The only negative aspect of the concert was that they had to crank up the volume extremely loud because of the poor stadium acoustics - so much so that I heard ringing in my ears for ages after the concert! (No helpful suggestions now, next time I'll be sure to remember those darn earplugs! :D )

I unfortunately couldn't take my normal camera along to the stadium, so this is the only snap that I have - but take a moment and see this awesome photo (citation) of the stadium, taken during the concert from Signal Hill. Doesn't it just remind you of City of Blinding Lights? :)

Did you manage to see the 360° tour in your city? How long ago was it, and was it also awesome? :)

8 thoughts on “U2’s 360° tour in Cape Town

  1. PPusa

    I didn’t see them last August in Helsinki but when I opened my window and went to bed, I started to hear them. I recognized at least Sunday Bloody Sunday and One before I fell asleep.

  2. PPusa

    How many others can say that they have fallen asleep while listening to a live U2 performance?

    You’ll see the place where U2 played in my theme day post in an hour.

  3. Glen

    We were standing right at the stage for the concert. It was a memorable experience and now that I have seen U2, I can tick that off my long list of things I want to do before I die aka my bucket list. :)

    As for falling asleep, we had some friends who had seated tickets and apparently, one of them fell asleep! Yes, believe it! But then again, she isn’t a big U2 fan and came along with everybody for the concert. I rolled on the floor with laughter (and disgust) hehehehe.

  4. Cristina

    I was there, sitting on very expensive seat and I hardly recognised the songs played. I’ve liked every thing but the very very very loud music. Even in the short movie I’ve done with my camera you can only hear only a loud noise, but not music. Really disappointed.

    here are some of my photos

  5. Paul

    Post author

    You’re so lucky to have been so up-close Glen!
    Fell asleep!? That’s madness… perhaps he suffers from narcolepsy. :)

    Ha ha – nice Cristina. From your position you must have had such a great view of the stage. As you can see from my pic – we really had to keep an eyeball on the overhead display to see what was happening. But… it – was – awesome! :)
    Thanks for the pics!

  6. Terese Savage

    Came across your site when researching acoustics at the CT Stadium. We went to Coldplay concert amazing. Then the Kings of Leon – well, what a shock ! Acoustics so bad that we left after a few songs. Now want to book for Eagles but am too scared to waste my money. Fabulous venue but the acoustics suck. Does anyone have any advice where to stand/sit for the best result.

  7. Paul

    Post author

    I’ve heard that the acoustics near the top of the stadium is difficult Terese. Perhaps compare where you sat/stood at Coldplay to where you were in the KOL concert.

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