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Sea Point Public Swimming Pool

Sea Point Public Swimming Pool
Happy new year folks! If you've been spending the festive season in Cape Town you'll have been treated to the contrast of hot-hot sunny weather and cool sea breezes.

Thousands of Capetonians, and those visiting our city, find their way to the beach after their New Year Eve celebrations. The public swimming pool in Sea Point is right next to the ocean and is a great beach substitute for those who either don't like the gritty beach sand experience or parents who prefer to keep their kids from the dangers of crowded beaches.

The pool is open from 07h00 to 19h00 in Summer and costs R20 per adult and R10 per child. Drive along Sea Point's Lower Beach Road - the swimming pool's right next to the takeaway food stalls at the end of the promenade.

La Perla in Sea Point

La Perla in Sea Point
After hearing great reviews, Kerry-Anne and I visited La Perla on Sea Point's Beach Road for the first time. It was, sadly, pretty disappointing. The service was good, but the food wasn't up to scratch. The Lasagne I had was mediocre at best and Kerry-Anne's chicken dish was, well, also just mediocre.

La Perla is locally fairly well acclaimed - and assuming that our dishes were the norm, I can only imagine that folk like the restaurant for it's location and atmosphere. It's probably one of the nicest venues on Sea Point beach road, and the atmosphere is an interesting mixture of hip and young with classically stylish, and although La Perla appeared snooty from the outside (can a restaurant appear snooty?), the staff were surprisingly warm and welcoming.

Definitely visit La Perla for afternoon drinks, but I'd probably choose an alternative restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Impressionist Sunset at the Sea Point Promenade

Impressionist Sunset at Mouille Point
I do so love summer, but the clear-sky summer sunsets just don't compare with the pastel colours in winter. Click on the image to see the larger version - notice the reflection on the stormy water. Beautiful hey?

Here's the photo I uploaded to Instagram at the time.

Sea Point seas

Sea Point seas
The fence you see to the right of the photo encloses a kid's play area, located right next to the Sea Point public swimming pool. Access to the area appeared to be very closely monitored. The gate was locked and it looked as though one has to negotiate with a gatekeeper to gain entry.

Tables and umbrellas

Tables and umbrellas
This cluster of tables, umbrellas, and chairs are found right next to the Sea Point public swimming pool (map). It's the perfect refuelling spot to use while taking a leisurely walk along the Sea Point promenade. The proprietors sell a variety of food, from traditional soft-serve ice cream, to pan cakes containing both sweet and savoury treats.

You should visit one afternoon - it's a fine place to stop for a late afternoon snack as the sun starts to dip closer to the horizon.

Ice cream cone

Ice cream cone
Many years ago there used to be a little place that sold ice cream next to the Sea Point public swimming pool. The vendor closed down some time ago, leaving the spot vacant for several years.

Only recently, while walking in the area, did I notice that a small group of vendors have opened shop on the same spot, selling a variety of treats - including this, my favourite. :)

Bruce Banner and Three Anchor Bay

Beach at Three Anchor Bay
It's a pretty little beach - the one at Three Anchor Bay. It's neatly tucked away from the open ocean, and cupped by the promenade's retaining wall.

Even though it looks nice and peaceful when the tide's low and the seas are calm - this little bay easily turns into a ball of raging fury. Take a look at the photo of the same bay posted here.

Doesn't this spot remind you a little of Dr Bruce Banner? :)

Five strange horses of the Sea Point Promenade

Five strange horses
Earlier this year the City unveiled Kevin Brand's White Horse sculpture at the Sea Point Promenade.

Each of the five horses has a trumpet-like piece of aluminum protruding from their mouths and from beneath their tails (see the pics below). What the photos don't show is that the five horses are interconnected by underground tubes that help convey sound. The idea is for pairs of people to work out which trumpet is linked to which other trumpet by speaking and listening.

These strange horses reminded me of another strange horse whom you may like to follow on Twitter.

The perfect surf-ski launching spot

Three Anchor Bay, again
This is the little sandy beach at Three Anchor Bay that I mentioned in my previous post. It's, as mentioned, quite protected and really very shallow quite far in. So if you're looking for an easy place to launch a surf-ski, paddle-ski or canoe - this would be it! :)

Three Anchor Bay

Three Anchor Bay
Three Anchor Bay (map) is a tiny bay with a small sandy beach located more or less where Sea Point and Green Point meet.

Even though it's extremely rocky the little section of beach looks to be quite protected from the ocean at low-tide and seems perfect for young kids, be careful to keep a close watch on them - the ocean get's pretty fierce pretty quickly and the rocky outcrops make it very easy for even young kids reach this danger zone.

On the other side

On the other side
The Sea Point promenade has a peculiar slanted barrier (wall) that helps to stop huge storm-time waves from breaking onto the promenade and flooding the beautifully kept grass that lines the walkway.

I'm reasonably tall so I'm able to see over the barrier to what's below - so this photo is for the benefit of those who can't see over the barrier. As you can see - all that you're missing out on at low tide is a large outcrop of rock! :)