4 thoughts on “Sea Point at night

  1. Pauline

    Love this photo of 3 Anchor Bay…the reflecting sky, the beautiful slate lines on the rocks makes it feel and look like a soft sculpture with the blue grey sky a canvas background. The hazy sparkle of lights on the promenade. Miss those walks.

    They even look like hump-backed whales resting in the small harbour…

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Pauline – following your description I’m thinking that this could make a pretty cool canvas print… perhaps recessed in a wall so that it appears to be a window. Or, would that be considered kitsch? :)

    That aside; it really is a lovely part of Cape Town. I unfortunately arrived a little late to catch the bright orange light that blankets the entire area just before the sun sets. (But then I wouldn’t have caught the street and apartment lights, I guess.)

  3. Pauline

    That would be an amazing picture along a wall, yes it would have the effect of looking out onto that like a window onto the sea. Wonderful idea. All those shots of sea point, three anchor bay bring back memories, I used to live there.

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