Bruce Banner and Three Anchor Bay

Beach at Three Anchor Bay
It's a pretty little beach - the one at Three Anchor Bay. It's neatly tucked away from the open ocean, and cupped by the promenade's retaining wall.

Even though it looks nice and peaceful when the tide's low and the seas are calm - this little bay easily turns into a ball of raging fury. Take a look at the photo of the same bay posted here.

Doesn't this spot remind you a little of Dr Bruce Banner? :)

2 thoughts on “Bruce Banner and Three Anchor Bay

  1. Pauline

    This photo is amazing to me for two reasons, one I used to visit my aging grandmother in that tall building close to the sea front which used to be an old age home. Has that changed? And I used to stand at that water’s edge looking at the view when I was pregnant with my daughter, wondering about life. So I always remember it for those poignant moments in my life.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    What a perfect place for an old age home Pauline! I’m actually not sure if it still is. I’ll try and remember to check when I drive past next time.

    I suspect a lot of people stand at this water’s edge considering life.

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