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SUP Three Anchor Bay?

 SUP Three Anchor Bay?
Take a close look at the photo. You see them, right?

Stand Up Paddling, or SUP for short, has become really popular in Cape Town. We often have calm, flat seas in summer- the kind of conditions perfect for standing on a board and paddling about.

Imagine the tranquility of standing out in the quiet ocean, too far from shore to be disturbed by the crowds, watching the sun set and the coastline turn dark while the ocean water laps at your board.

I live a little too far from the ocean to take up ocean sports, but I think I'll make it a mission to vacation at the coast and hire a paddle board. Soon. :)

Impressionist Sunset at the Sea Point Promenade

Impressionist Sunset at Mouille Point
I do so love summer, but the clear-sky summer sunsets just don't compare with the pastel colours in winter. Click on the image to see the larger version - notice the reflection on the stormy water. Beautiful hey?

Here's the photo I uploaded to Instagram at the time.

That’s my secret Captain, I’m always angry.

Angry ocean
It's easy to know to respect the ocean when it's writhing, foaming, and thundering against the breakwater. It's easy to forget to respect it when it's placid, calm, and lapping against the rocks.

Even though the ocean may appear calm on a given day, it turns violent faster than you can say "Jack Robinson, hand me that pole". In the same way that you'd be careful when encountering a placid-looking lion relaxing in the afternoon sun, it's a good idea to bear this angry scene in mind and take care when encountering the ocean. Remember, the ocean's always angry. :)

Compare these two photos of Three Anchor Bay with the ones below - quite a different vibe, hey?

Blue-sky night

Blue sky night
If you've seen the past few photos I've posted then you'll probably realise that I haven't been out much this week (which, in turn, is why I'm sharing another photo from my weekend visit to Three Anchor bay).

The street lights on the promenade were so orange that when I moderated the photo's hue the sky became this rich blue colour. But, I kinda liked it - which is why I'm sharing it with you. :)

Bruce Banner and Three Anchor Bay

Beach at Three Anchor Bay
It's a pretty little beach - the one at Three Anchor Bay. It's neatly tucked away from the open ocean, and cupped by the promenade's retaining wall.

Even though it looks nice and peaceful when the tide's low and the seas are calm - this little bay easily turns into a ball of raging fury. Take a look at the photo of the same bay posted here.

Doesn't this spot remind you a little of Dr Bruce Banner? :)

On the rocks – Three Anchor Bay

On the rocks - Three Anchor Bay
It was low tide, so I took a walk out onto the rocks at Three Anchor Bay. The light had already fallen off a lot, it was almost dark already, so I had to expose the photo for quite some time to get it even this bright.

After spending 10 minutes out on the rocks, amidst the peaceful lapping of the waves, I realised that it was probably time to return to the promenade before the light disappeared completely and I ended up in trampling over rocks and though puddles on all-fours trying to find dry land.

Winter, though chilly, can be very beautiful in Cape Town.

Winter sunset

Winter sunset
We arrived at Three Anchor Bay (next to Sea Point) about 20 minutes after sunset. Even though the day had been cold and miserable, the cool air and clouds made the sunset especially beautiful. Lovely, isn't it?