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Please don’t feed the seagulls

Please don't feed the seagulls
I watched as a group of people fed these seagulls potato chips. I was really tempted to ask them to stop since everyone knows that feeding them just makes them more of a nuisance. But, as I thought this I instantly realised that my words would make no difference; so I left.

Swimming flags and seagulls

Swimming flags and seagulls
If you're anything like me, even though signs like these are fairly prominent you've probably never read them - and in this case would be confused when lifeguards start waving at you as you bob about the ocean beyond the marker flags.

So, when visiting beaches like Camps Bay, keep an eye out for the marker flags, and try staying between them. And remember, if you're looking for a hot date with a hot, well-built lifeguard - swimming outside of the markers isn't the way to get one. That stuff only works in the movies. ;)