Please don’t feed the seagulls

Please don't feed the seagulls
I watched as a group of people fed these seagulls potato chips. I was really tempted to ask them to stop since everyone knows that feeding them just makes them more of a nuisance. But, as I thought this I instantly realised that my words would make no difference; so I left.

2 thoughts on “Please don’t feed the seagulls

  1. Virginia Greenwood-Warner

    I agree people should not feed them at all. I adore all creatures including the Seagulls but feeding them absolute rubbish is very bad for them and also, it doesn’t take long for them to start begging like the human species. It’s far simpler to beg than to fish (as in the case of seagulls) or plant vegetables even in a box if one has no garden as the humans do.

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