On the rocks – Three Anchor Bay

On the rocks - Three Anchor Bay
It was low tide, so I took a walk out onto the rocks at Three Anchor Bay. The light had already fallen off a lot, it was almost dark already, so I had to expose the photo for quite some time to get it even this bright.

After spending 10 minutes out on the rocks, amidst the peaceful lapping of the waves, I realised that it was probably time to return to the promenade before the light disappeared completely and I ended up in trampling over rocks and though puddles on all-fours trying to find dry land.

Winter, though chilly, can be very beautiful in Cape Town.

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  1. Paul

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    Thanks Joubert. For those who don’t know, Ingrid was an Afrikaans poet who took her own life one night (as Joubert said) at Three Anchor Bay. Sad hey.

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