SUP Three Anchor Bay?

 SUP Three Anchor Bay?
Take a close look at the photo. You see them, right?

Stand Up Paddling, or SUP for short, has become really popular in Cape Town. We often have calm, flat seas in summer- the kind of conditions perfect for standing on a board and paddling about.

Imagine the tranquility of standing out in the quiet ocean, too far from shore to be disturbed by the crowds, watching the sun set and the coastline turn dark while the ocean water laps at your board.

I live a little too far from the ocean to take up ocean sports, but I think I'll make it a mission to vacation at the coast and hire a paddle board. Soon. :)

2 thoughts on “SUP Three Anchor Bay?

  1. Steve Crane

    I always worry about the large toothy things lurking beneath that calm water. After all 100% of shark attacks are caused by people going into the ocean.

  2. Paul Gilowey

    Post author

    Heh, yeah, there are those toothy things. Perhaps someone should invent a kevlar-reinforced blowfish wetsuit sporting bump-stick quills. It would, of course, have to puff up to 9 times its original size – which could be a problem. I suppose.

    Not according to the Sharknado documentary… it seems sharks actually do attack people on land! :O

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