On the other side

On the other side
The Sea Point promenade has a peculiar slanted barrier (wall) that helps to stop huge storm-time waves from breaking onto the promenade and flooding the beautifully kept grass that lines the walkway.

I'm reasonably tall so I'm able to see over the barrier to what's below - so this photo is for the benefit of those who can't see over the barrier. As you can see - all that you're missing out on at low tide is a large outcrop of rock! :)

4 thoughts on “On the other side

  1. Paul

    Post author

    I think these have been around for ever Linda – perhaps their height is a little exaggerated due to the angle of the photo. It’s only really short people who’d struggle to see the water. I checked after I wrote this post and discovered that the wall extends to slightly above waist-height… well, my waist-height. :)

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