A field of pylons

Electricity pylons
Even though most would complain that the electricity pylons obscure and even ruin the beauty of this field - yet still I find something beautiful about their form. I guess one would call it an industrial beauty.

Before taking up photography I probably wouldn't have considered the possibility that electricity pylons, a symbol of the destruction of nature, could in some way be beautiful.

6 thoughts on “A field of pylons

  1. craig

    I agree with you comments Paul. While I’d prefer landscape without them, these in particular are quite sculptural… like little men almost! Really good shot.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Yes, little men, or perhaps Transformers?

    Jonathan, I’m not a StarCraft junkie unfortunately – but yes, that would have been a great title for this post. :D

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Never saw your comment Linda, but yeah, Transformers. :)

    Andrea,thank you. This was out the back of Durbanville – on the Fair Cape dairies farm lands.

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