Green power (how much electricity do you use?)

Green power
Our household of four consists of two adults (Kerry-Anne and I) and two children (cats, Elizabeth and William). I think we're pretty conservative in terms of energy consumption and use about 700kWh's of electricity at a cost of about 700 ZAR per month.

I don't think we use that much energy, but wouldn't it be great if regular households could be completely self-sufficient in terms of energy? Perhaps some day hey?

How much electricity do you use each month, and how much do you pay for it. I'd be especially keen to know what you use and how much you pay for it - especially if you're from another country.

11 thoughts on “Green power (how much electricity do you use?)

  1. Gustav

    Reading your post made me curious , so I’ve just pulled out our latest electricity bill.
    We (2 adults) live in a 3 bed apartment in Sydney , Australia. Our consumption rate for the last month is 657 KWh and we paid $164.25

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Gustav – so that’s pretty much the same amount as what we use. I realise one can’t just convert AUD to ZAR to compare costs, but if I do it looks like you’re paying about 42% more for electricity. Wow.

  3. Pamela

    Well here in the UK we are a household of 3 adults with frequent extras and our bill for electricity is GBP 80 per month plus. Which I guess is a terrifying ZAR 900! No idea what our KWh tally is but……..Ouch! Our utility bills have recently increased by about 20% after several previous rises in the last two years and it is beginning to seriously hurt.

  4. Pamela

    Just remembered to mention that we use gas for cooking and heating which I know is not usual in SA so we have a bill for that too.

  5. Paul

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    Oh, good thing that you mentioned that Pamela – I was going to say that 900 ZAR for 3 adults isn’t too bad. But yes… if that excludes cooking and heating… wowie! I’d be interested to know how many kWh that is.

  6. craig

    In the UK I think we use about 800kwh and we pay £65 per month (ZAR780). We like Pamela says we also use gas for cooking and heating and that’s another ZAR1000 per month. But we are quite wasteful and I hate to be cold!

  7. Paul

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    Gustav, Craig, we don’t use gas (but wish we did), so does this mean that Kerry-Anne and I are comparatively frugal with our energy consumption? 700KWh/m, and no gas. :)

  8. Linda

    Learn to turn off the lights and TV when you exit a room. I learned that from my Dad long before the problems with electricity outages..

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