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It’s just so beautiful!

It's just so beautiful
I think those are the words that I heard her utter - "It's just so beautiful". And, it is folks. These photos I take are mere shadows of how beautiful the Atlantic Seaboard is in summer.

You need to visit here.

A radiant silhouette

A couple of silhouettes at sunset
Perhaps you've noticed that I like sneaking photos of people silhouetted against the setting sun. The outlines and lack of detail seem to let the photo tell a story; probably a different story for each of us, depending on personal experiences.

A lifeguard stands watch

Lifeguard stands watch
He stood for some time, watching swimmers enjoy the last half hour in the water before the sun finally set. While watching the lifeguard watch them I wondered what drives volunteers to keep an eye over people who often don't even realise that they're there, nor appreciate the time that these heroes have offered up. Is it the camaraderie, kindness, a sense of duty? Whatever it is, it's awesome that we have people like this around.

Read more about the Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club, whose members watch over this beach, and the non-profit organisation Lifesaving Western Provice. Perhaps once you have you'll even consider becoming a sponsor. :)

Two girls silhouetted

Two girls silhouetted
Moments after I took this photo a large wave smashed against the other side of the rock that these two young girls were standing on. Click on the second photo below to see what I mean. Fortunately it seemed as though their cameras and cell phones, though a little damp, survived the spray. :)

The sun sets on summer : 2#6

The sun sets on summer
Every once in a while Cape Town's setting sun treats us to the most beautifully brilliant-orange hue. I believe this has to do with the frequency of red and orange light being far lower than the other visible light in the spectrum. On days when a lot of dust has been scattered into the atmosphere the light with a higher frequency is easily blocked by the dust particles, allowing mostly the low-frequency orange and red light to reach us.

But, that said, I guess it's best not to think about the physics of light and to just enjoy the beauty of it. :)  In case you missed my previous post, I'll be publishing a few photos of the sun setting on (what I suspect may have been) the last reasonably warm day until summer arrives at the end of the year. See the first photo in the series here.