Ice cream cone

Ice cream cone
Many years ago there used to be a little place that sold ice cream next to the Sea Point public swimming pool. The vendor closed down some time ago, leaving the spot vacant for several years.

Only recently, while walking in the area, did I notice that a small group of vendors have opened shop on the same spot, selling a variety of treats - including this, my favourite. :)

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  1. r

    By coincidence, found this yesterday during a casual drive along the coast! Granadilla was the winning flavour. :)

    Nice, but expensive compared to the lollies sold by the children’s train station at Mouille Point. Probably for the tourist market. Overheard a vendor commenting that often receives a coach-load of Chinese tourists, so occassionally a lucrative spot no doubt. Apparently the vendors have to remove all equipment from the site, equipment such as compressors have been known to disappear overnight!

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