Robyn Hobson – actress, model and a smidgen of geek

Robyn Hobson, Cape Town actress and model

If you've been following our blog for any length of time, then you'll know that Cape Town has plenty of beautiful buildings, beaches, mountains and farmlands. But that's not all, of course... the city also has more than its fair share of beautiful women. To illustrate this point, we'll introduce you to one of them.

Kerry-Anne and I met up with the beautiful Robyn Hobson for a quick lunch (which turned into rather a long lunch) at Andiamo - an Italian restaurant at Cape Quarter in De Waterkant.

The name @robynhobson popped into our Twitter feeds a while back, after her first visit to a geek-filled 27Dinner. What caught our attention first was that she's an FHM model, and second, that she was quite unlike any model stereotype we'd ever imagined - she's friendly, smart, and funny (no, not the laugh-at, but the laugh-with kind of funny :D). Robyn's just finished her final exam as a Business Science student, and now plans to focus on her acting career for a while.

Please take a moment to visit Robyn's FHM profile, and if you think she's deserving and like the idea of a beautiful brainy actress from Cape Town winning the competition (we do!), click the button and vote for her. :)

5 thoughts on “Robyn Hobson – actress, model and a smidgen of geek

  1. Beverley

    Done as I’m told Paul and been and voted for your friend – she is very attractive!! Also thanks for the link to the Italian Restaurant we did see this one this year but had forgotten about it so I’ve made a note for the next visit..

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Beverley, I’m sure she appreciates your vote. In the other photos of her she looks the spitting image of Elizabeth Hurley – which for an aspiring actress, perhaps is a good thing. :)

    Yeah, cool – pay a visit to the Cape Quarter and Andiamo when you’re back – it’s a lovely setting.

  3. Pamela

    A quick “thank you” message for keeping the spirits up between visits! This is “one more sleep” night, we are all packed and as usual the list of must-does is long enough to take up at least six visits to Cape Town and the Western Cape.

    Following on a bit from the message that commented on the “knowing” you, it does make incredibly good use of cold technology to make people feel connected in a world where we are increasingly isolated and to see photos of beautiful places and interesting angles. It makes the 6,500 miles just a little shorter. Thank You.

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