Beach weather and sailing ships

Beach weather and sailing ships

Perfect bliss may well be lying on a beautiful (and windless) beach while watching sailing ships pass by at a pace significantly slower than life.

Cape Town has for many years been known as a city where the pace is somewhat slower than the rest of the country. I've noticed though that the tide has started to turn and even though there's a more relaxed feeling in parts (like at this beach), it seems to me that the pace of business has picked up. Average folk seem busier than before, working longer hours than ever, and generally being trapped in the great hamster-wheel.

The interesting thing about Cape Town is that whenever the weather is good you'll find loads of people on the beaches... and not tourists, I might add. I've come to the conclusion that these people most likely fall into four categories:

1. They worked smart and earned a lot of money, enough to retire early.
2. They're trust-fund kids.
3. They're locals on holiday.
4. They're bunking work or lectures!

And in the majority of cases, I'd place my bet on option 4. ;)

4 thoughts on “Beach weather and sailing ships

  1. Beverley

    Gosh if this is heading into winter for Cape Town then from seeing this photo I think we should head back your way…

    I’m sure it’s really the Nos. 1 folks that are there on the beach :) and everyone else is busy at work or in lectures being the good people they are :) well maybe!!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    @Obnoxio – my guess too. :)

    @Beverley – No… I know Cape Town students… although, it would then seem we do have several students in the mid-30s to late-40s bracket. ;)

    @Firefly – Thanks, they were a little far out, and I wasn’t sure if the photo would actually work. Glad that you like it.

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