Keep me safe?

Keep me safe

Why do you imagine someone would draw a bird on an old LP, write the words "keep me safe <3 hake" at the bottom, and then stick it on the side of a building in Green Point? I have no clue myself. I googled the words, and found nothing at all except this rather odd poem by someone called George Hake, which contains the words "keep me safe". Somehow I don't think it's connected. :-/

If you have any idea what it's about, or if you'd like to take a flying guess, please help us with this little mystery by leaving a comment.

8 thoughts on “Keep me safe?

  1. Paul

    Post author

    @Michelle – Ah, thanks! I had this niggly feeling that there was something familiar about Hake… I’m sure I’ve seen the name before… besides for a menu. :)

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  3. omniscient

    This is just one of many of the HAKE birds i have seen all around CT. From Fishoek to Vredehoek, i notice them in the most inconspicuous but aesthetically pleasing spots on post boxes, road signs, even in the corner of a restaurant window. I have seen a few in succession and a scene with a few playing together. This is, however the first i have seen on an LP. I think they’re incredibly cute !!

  4. Paul

    Post author

    There isn’t much ito safaris close to Cape Town’s city center Demmy. I could suggest Aquila, but that’s probably a little over 100KM from Cape Town.

    Other than that there are plenty of places that you can go to see animals – just not too much in the line of actual safaris.

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