South Africa votes on Wednesday!

We're voting on Wednesday

The air has turned cool, the sky has turned grey, and the first significant rains of the year have started to fall. Millions of South Africans will be heading to the polls to vote in our national elections on Wednesday, and fortunately it seems as though the weather will start clearing in preparation for that.

Political parties have been advertising on lamp posts, and several times each day on radio stations. I'm not sure how political radio ads are dealt with in other countries, but here the station has to play a standard message before each ad, along the lines of: "The following message was paid for by the political party concerned and does not necessarily reflect the views of this radio station." I guess we should give the same message before this photo: the views of the ID and ANC aren't necessarily those held by CTDP. ;-)

Voting in South Africa is tricky. We have one very large party (the ANC) and several much smaller opposition parties. The chance of one of these opposition parties coming into power is zero, but in theory, if the ANC doesn't win an outright majority, the smaller parties could join together and govern as a coalition. This has happened at provincial level in the past. Which brings me to the next point: we don't vote only on a national basis, but on a provincial basis too. This means that we could vote for party A at national level (perhaps because we believe in their ideals) and for party B at provincial level (because we believe they will be more efficient at running our province). Or we could vote for the same party in national and provincial elections, of course!

Wednesday's going to be an interesting day. I'm keen to see if the tide has started to turn against the ANC's two-thirds majority win of 2004. Personally, I don't think it's a great idea to have one party (any party) with complete power, so let's see what happens this time around. Let's go and vote, people!

6 thoughts on “South Africa votes on Wednesday!

  1. Dieter

    Yup, I’m hoping we can make a dent in the 2/3 majority. South African citizens who find themselves overseas also got the chance to vote for the first time (assuming they got their paperwork in) on 15th of April. I joined up with another South African friend from San Francisco and we jumped on a plane to Los Angeles (closest consulate) to vote ( I’m really hoping a decent number of South Africans abroad got their votes in, especially if you look at the number of South African people in England etc, it could make quite a difference.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    @Dieter – Well done for voting abroad! Especially since you guys had to catch a flight to do so. *impressed*

    Thanks @Firefly – it was more a matter of practicality to get the road and Lion’s Head in the shot. :)

    @Sakiwi – Doesn’t Aunty Helen remind you of the Queen? Lol – I’m not sure if that sounds like a compliment or insult! :D

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