Our wedding anniversary

The Sanctuary Spa

Today Kerry-Anne and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. We married fairly young and have been together for quite some time... so here's the challenge to you: leave a comment and guess how many years we've been married. (Hey, family and friends who know, shhhh..... ;) ).

So we normally don't do anything extravagant for our anniversary, but since I missed last year's one due to a business trip (*cough*) to Vegas, I realised that I'd have to make up for it this year. Since I'd like to keep the length of this post within reason, I'll tell you about the main highlight and fill you in about the breakfast, lunch and afternoon parts of our day next week.

We've never been to a health spa; I knew that Kerry-Anne would love it, and since I'm such a *cough* confident guy, I figured that I could put aside my bravado and join my lady for a couple of hours at a spa. So, I did what any smart guy would do and called a (female) friend for some advice. She recommended the Sanctuary Spa at the Twelve Apostles Hotel as "the best spa in Cape Town". And, although we're not experts in the field, she may have been right - the spa was pretty awesome.

We started off our skin rejuvenation journey in something called the Rasul Chamber. You first use some kind of coarse salt (I think) to exfoliate, and then apply a layer of clay (which looks much like real white potting clay)... followed by (yes, guys) a face and hair mask! The chamber then filled with dense steam for about 30 minutes before a fine rain began falling from the ceiling, washing off the products clinging to our skin.

Once we were done in the chamber, we headed off to the flotation pool, then sat in the warm spa bath for about half an hour, enjoying (part of) a bottle of sparkling wine.

At about 12h30 we were taken outside, up to the gazebos (seen in this photo) for an hour-long Swedish massage... which was divine. The gazebos have glass walls that allow you to see the ocean while you're in the room, and the sound of birds twittering and chirping in the surrounding bushes was incredibly relaxing.

I'd love to go into more detail about the experience, but time and the word-count of this post are against me. To get back to the introductory paragraph then, let's hear it: how many years do you think we've been married for?

11 thoughts on “Our wedding anniversary

  1. virginia

    Guessing 15? 2 girls friends and I met for coffee this Thurs and the 1 friend commented that she and hubby were going to Mozambique for their 30th anniversary- we did a tally and had 90 years wedded bliss between us 3, we all got married young so good luck – you are in for the long haul

  2. Firefly

    I’ve been away for a couple of days so I missed your last few posts. Your pics are always so good and the info you give so extensive. I just don’t always have time to do much writing along with my pictures on Port Elizabeth Daily Picture, but I am trying and getting more and more inspired by your posts.

    I always imagined you to be a young couple, so I seem to be wrong. This looks like a 20 or 25 kind of number.

  3. Brandon

    You got married in primary school and have been married for 21 years!..hahaha
    When did you finally swop the bottle cap for a real ring??
    Congrats guys.

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks everyone. We appreciate your comments. :)

    I’m moderately disturbed at the number of people who guessed 15+ years. I never realised that we sounded so senior… or is it wise perhaps? :D

    Well done Shane for guessing 11 years correctly! It’s indeed been 11 years and the strange thing about Friday and Saturday is that the weather was exactly how I remember it being on the same Friday and Saturday in April 1998.

    Thanks again. I’m busy working on our Coke Fest photos from yesterday… standby… :)

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