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Regular readers will know that I've been to quite a lot of cricket lately. This particular game was a little different, though. This wasn't a test match, or an ODI, or even a Pro20 game.

No, this was GeekCricket - a glorious opportunity for those of us not playing to spend a whole morning laughing at our friends. Actually, these guys did surprisingly well for a bunch of amateurs, and I got the feeling that this might just become a more regular event. I hope so, anyway.

I got bullied gently coaxed into keeping score for part of the match, with a real scoring book and all. *excitement* Given that this is GEEKCricket, though, I sincerely hope someone will write a little piece of software to make scoring simpler next time around. ;-)

You can read a few updates on the game here, and see a whole lot of photos here.

6 thoughts on “GeekCricket

  1. Firefly

    I love the idea. My version of GeekCricket is a couple of buddies playing action cricket in one of the lower leagues and not trying to loose too badly every week. First game of the new league is tonight.

  2. SheyMouse

    GEEKCricket sounds like great fun. I hope there is something like that over here in the UK.

    To learn programming I started writing a cricket scoring piece of software a while ago, but never got round to finishing it. I am now taking up club cricket for the first time in 20 years this summer, so I will propably have inspiration to pick the software up again and give it a go.

  3. mjw

    May, as always, be the dissenting voice and place a vote for GEEKBasketball? Pleeeeze! It is my dream, even though I have no experience playing the game. I just think I would be good at it. I mean, it even features smack talk!

    Although if we can’t manage repartee we can always discuss theorems.

  4. mjw

    Oops. That should be “May *I*…”

    This is why I would be no good at games, such as ::cough:: cricket, in which one has to write down the scores for fear of losing track.

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