A record performance at World Belly Dance Day

Belly Dancer

In July last year Kerry-Anne's sister-in-law bought her a series of belly dancing lessons as a birthday gift. After putting it off for months she eventually attended her first lesson in January and now appears to be hooked - which isn't a bad thing, as I'm sure you'll understand.

9 May is World Belly Dance Day and to celebrate, Tenille from Feminine Divine (who happens to be Kerry-Anne's belly dance teacher) gathered local belly dancing studios for a little show - which turned out not to be so little after all! I was quite surprised to see just how many people are into belly dancing! Each school had a performance slot, girls from the St George's Home for Girls in Wynberg were given their first belly dancing lesson, we watched a fashion show (where the ladies showed off belly dancing accessories) and then, at the end of the day, all the belly dancers took part in setting the South African record for the most belly dancers performing the same dance at the same time in one place.

It certainly seemed as though everyone had fun setting the record, and yes, it was fun watching them from the stage too. What had me completely befuddled was how quickly they all learned the dance choreography! Damn, women are good at learning these kinds of things!

I took plenty of photos and published a dozen or three in our gallery section. They'll give you a pretty good idea of how many dancers attended the event - it was truly astounding.

7 thoughts on “A record performance at World Belly Dance Day

  1. Tenille Lindeque

    Hi Paul and Kerry
    Tbanks so much for the great photo’s! I’ll send the link to all the girls and I’m sure they’ll love them!
    Thanks to everyone for making IBDD an absolutely amazing… I am still floating on cloud nine thanks to everyone who participated!!

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  3. Alexandra

    Hi there!

    I’m so disappointed to hear that you were there! I would’ve loved to meet you and Kerry-Anne! :) I was part of the SOMA group, and we did a tribal dance.
    Am so glad to hear that you and Kerry-Anne had a good time!


  4. Paul

    Post author

    @Tenille, it was a pleasure. No, really. :D

    @Caroline & @Steffi, thank-you. It was fun, yes!

    @Alexandra, yes, it would have been cool to meet!. I dug the tribal dance. Well done!

    @Peter, I think I can hook you guys up. (Only kidding! :D)

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